Branding, Web Design & Development

A complete website design and build including e-commerce functionality.
Talk with Fos not only wanted to draw attention to her 1-on-1 sessions but also allow anybody to take advantage of her free wellness articles, so I ensured there were strong CTA’s throughout the site allowing readers to subscribe.

Sean Clayton design portfolio Talk with Fos
Sean Clayton Design restaurant website

Branding & Web Design Concept

A landing page concept for a takeaway restaurant with CTA for their app.

Given the current state of the hospitality industry in the UK I wanted to imagine ways in which restaurants can adapt and still meet their customers needs.

Branding, Web Design & Development

A landing page design and build for a Melbourne based tattoo artist.

A pleasure to work with an artist, I chose to use the colour pallette of their already established personal brand whilst keeping the design clean and minimalist. The design takes a potential customer on a journey through the artists work, ensuring focus is maintained on their own beautiful design work.

Sean Clayton design portfolio DWC tattoo


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